Natasha Soles

Stategist, Research, Writing & Editing

Natasha is a seasoned political staffer, trusted advisor to not-for-profit leadership, and savvy communications consultant. She has helped elected leaders in Ottawa and Edmonton pass meaningful legislation, sway public opinion, and build resilient coalitions along the way.

Communications? Strategic Planning? Media Relations? Stakeholder engagement? Government Relations? Natasha leverages her experience as Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs for a provincial political party leader and Senior Executive Associate to the CEO of Homeward Trust to deliver results for clients at the intersection of policy, politics, media, and influence.

She keeps track of the many moving parts that operate (or fail to operate) behind the scenes: from policies, legislation and media developments to broad social contexts and complex stakeholder agendas.

Natasha thrives on building fresh relationships on a broad foundation of community connections. She knows that leaders and decision makers can be found across the social, cultural and economic spectrum

Following her completion of a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Natasha has continued to pursue learning opportunities in a wide variety of areas, including Indigenous studies, media relations, public engagement, facilitation, and leadership.