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Clients ask us to help with organizational strategy. We facilitate leadership discussions and bring the thinking together into robust plans for moving forward.

Strategic Communications Planning

We assist leaders to define communications objectives that align with overarching goals and bottom-line outcomes. Our team looks to help internal teams maximize effort to not only achieve, but excel, as communicators for organizations big and small.

Strategic Marketing Planning

Our team is equipped with the very latest in the technology, tools and trends needed to successfully market your company. We work with you to craft the very best marketing strategy for your company. Whether it’s collaborating with your marketing team or acting as an external marketing department for you, the very core of our work together is our commitment to your needs.


Clients want to maximize outcomes using modern marketing channels. We help design, produce, and implement marketing campaigns – traditional and digital – to get the word out! Capture your creative genius!

Marketing Strategy

Our team is equipped with the very latest in the technology, tools and trends needed to successfully market your company. We work with you to craft the very best marketing strategy for your organization. Whether it’s collaborating with your marketing team or acting as an external marketing department for you, the very core of our work together is our commitment to your needs.

Brand Development

Strong brands are no accident. They are crafted from thoughtful research, exceptional creativity, and meaningful input. Refreshing a brand or starting from scratch, we give your ideas impactful “look and feel”

An impactful brand reflects quality services, products and values that leave an impact with customers or clients. Those brands are driven by people that know where they are going and who they want to take along for the journey.

Our research and experience will help you express who you are more clearly and translate that into success for your brand, and your organization.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve put in the hard work to get your website out there and now you want people to see it. Our team applies technical strategies to optimize your website, making sure Internet crawling bots can read and understand what you are telling the world. Our team performs a series of scans that identify exactly where improvements need to be made, and then performs the optimization for your website to score in Google’s highest rankings.

All businesses can benefit from ensuring their website is optimized. Don’t lose business if it’s not!

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising includes Search Engine Advertising and Social Media Advertising. Our marketing campaigns are built around four key elements: drive qualified traffic to your website; build brand awareness with inspiring creative; engage new audiences interested in your offering; further understand your market with captured data and analytics. Our team applies and monitors a series of conversion indicators to monitor and optimize performance to ensure you are getting the greatest return on your investment.

Social Media

We have proven methods of telling your story that cut through the social noise and connect with your current and potential audiences. Your audience demands engagement, and we’re prepared to deliver. With a focus on elevating your brand, amplifying your voice, and engaging your audience, our team will live your brand online and grow your audience.

We tailor each social media package ranging from full management to daily maintenance to suit your company’s needs. Have a marketing team? Let’s work on strategy!


Clients make decisions based on knowing the sands where they stand. From public opinion research (our new product offering), communications audits, perception research, surveys and engagement tools and techniques, we dig into critical business intelligence.

Communications Audit

Have you wondered if your organization’s communication is effective and achieving your goals? A communications audit can answer those questions. Keill & Co can perform a comprehensive review of your organization’s communications, and feedback from your stakeholders, to determine what’s working, what isn’t, and where improvements can be made.

Perception Research

You often can’t get all the answers from quantified data, and our team excels at extracting qualified data to give you the best insights on your organization and initiatives. From targeted surveys, focus groups, interviews, and more, we gather all the data and draw insights to support your team.

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Event Management

Virtual or in-person, we bring our knowledge to determine the right place, the right tone, the right outcomes on the right budget. We have adapted with the pandemic – don’t let it stop you!


Our team has the skills and know-how to collaboratively plan and execute your conference. Our full-spectrum approach ensures your team is fully equipped with the materials and information needed and we utilize innovative tools for your attendees to engage with each other and your team in new ways. Well-versed in virtual and in-person conferences, you can place your trust in us to deliver an effective and impactful conference.

One-time Events

Need to organize an event, and maybe don’t have the time or knowledge to do it how you envision? That’s where we come in. Our team organizes events big and small, and for many purposes. Whether it’s a summit, gala, fundraiser, speaker series, or trade show, our team is ready to work with you to organize and execute an event that not only meets your vision, but exceeds it.

Stakeholder Engagement

With vast experience in public engagement of all kinds, clients ask us to help them understand their audiences. With both digital and traditional approaches, layered with creative thinking we ask, listen, and learn.

Government Relations

Government decisions can have deep impacts on organizations. There is a way for organizations to influence these decisions, to express concerns and to champion changes. We help organizations and governments become their own best advocates by translating between the two for impactful outcomes in public policy. This is accomplished through fulsome advocacy training and strategy building. There is a place for all voices, and we help organizations find that voice.

Public Affairs & Stakeholder Relations

Audience identification and interaction with these audiences can be a delicate task. We help organizations to create relationship plans for stakeholders and the public that creates the foundation for organizations to succeed. Our training and experience ensures that cultures are respected, and opinions are valued.

Media Relations

Your public-facing persona is a key element to your business. It can be influenced by media articles written about your business, online reviews, and community involvement. Keill & Co. is well-versed in all aspects of media and public relations and will help your business gain exposure and manage your public image. Not only that, but we will train your team! Our media training has been fine-tuned over the years to ensure the coverage you’re after is obtained.


Collateral materials breathe life into implementation. An uber-talented team of creative thinkers conceptualize, design, build, and produce enticing content for client projects.

Website Design

Many website designers will build you a visually appealing and responsive website to look good and perform decently, but neither of those elements drive your business. Your website should be an asset that works for you, guiding the user to conversions, and that’s where Keill & Co. comes in. We drive targeted behaviour through calls to action, conversion funnels and strategic messaging to achieve your desired results.

Whether it’s a simple landing page, a micro-site, or a comprehensive build, Keill & Co. is eager to help your team present a website that is visually stunning, performs seamlessly, and guides the user through targeted conversions.

Video Production

We produce all types of commercial, corporate, social, digital and mobile videos for companies, agencies, brands, organizations, nonprofits, start-ups and businesses across all industries. Shooting a commercial? Our team can also help with storyboarding and the talent search!

Keill & Co. also offers live streaming solutions. From simple presentations to large-scale conferences and events, we offer high-quality, interactive webcast solutions.

Graphic Design

Need professional social media graphics made for your marketing campaign? Look no further. Our team are experts in translating your identity into the online space. We can also create custom illustrations that help build your brand and engagement.

Marketing Collateral (print+)

From business cards and letterheads to retractable banners and retail signage, and everything in between, our print materials ensure you put your best foot forward with a strong and cohesive brand.